👋 Hi, I'm Izzy.

Looking up to the left

It started with autism burnout.

I couldn’t go through the motions anymore. The life I built for myself was all under the guise of an autistic mask. My priorities changed tremendously once I dropped the autistic mask. Fulfilling my needs meant stimming throughout the day, reducing my obligations, and not working on Sundays. The neurodivergent mask no longer fit.

Neither did returning to the workplace and compromising everything that nourishes my soul.

You know what did nourish my soul, though?

Tortoiseshell kitten in blue harness looking to side while standing in doorway of open front door
Walking my cat.

I don’t know how to live life as an autistic person quietly anymore. I don’t know how camouflage my autism anymore, so I can “just put up with” that which forces me to put my well-being second.

So I quit my job and started freelancing full-time. 👀👀

Black and white selfie

I don’t recommend doing that cold turkey. Don’t take it as inspiration. It’s just what I did. I needed to put myself first, or there wasn’t going to be a me. I didn’t know how to articulate that to non-autistic people.

What I needed to do in order to ensure my well-being was not an acceptable act of self-care, but it’s by far been one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

Tortie kitten playing with yellow ball picks up yellow ball in mouth and runs

  • I am a dissociative identity disorder system.
  • Being your dream gal is not one of my aspirations.
  • My cat’s name is Galaxy Andromeda Lively.
  • Most of my long-form content = infodumps.
  • I shred my own cheese! It tastes better.

About XO, IZZY

Why izzy.blog:

  • I love short domains. I also registered izzy.im and mer.media.
  • Memorable domain. I can change the actual name of the blog anytime if I wish.
  • Gender-neutral domain, as opposed to janelively.co.