About Jane Lively

Black and white selfie + soft smile

I am living, learning, cold and tired. Most everyday is a bad day to be anemic. I eat a lot of snacks and am referred to as a juice box mom friend (but I’m not a mom).

Sometimes, you can find me streaming stories, emotionally investing in cartoon characters, vicariously living through the characters I read about, making amateur commercials about subscription box teas, and thanking Jesus that I’ve no lawn to mow.

Once upon a time, I had a horse named Amigo. I didn’t find out about his death until a year after I’d moved off the farm. My fondest memory of him is what I refer to as a metaphor for my life: his short-term goal resulting in the rails of a rounded metal headboard holding hostage his hooves.

Everyone screws up. It’s what they do afterward, to recover from screwing up, that brands their story.

“Lively” is pronounced both LIVE-ly and LIV-ly here, but mostly the latter. I gave this name to myself, for it is how I am ending the cycle of abuse.

I delegate my primary income to an international corporation who consistently schedules me 40 hours per week, which is to say my spoon count is low and I don’t blog full-time.

My style revolves around aesthetics. I only road the minimalist train for a bit — then I hopped into maximalism and learned the art of doing my own thing.

About the Darling System

You know those psychological thrillers and supervillain plots featuring people with multiple personalities? It’s 2021 — did they not get the memo that multiple personality disorder was renamed to dissociative identity disorder (DID) in 1994 because psychologists concluded DID is instead a trauma-related disorder?

Toddler in pink romper holding a rake, surrounded by leaves
Approximately 2 years old.

Our system operates off the DID paradox that is both individuality in alters (literally the diagnosis) and all the alters being, well, the primary host. I am Jane Lively. We are all Jane — not Jane Lively, yet still…collectively, we are all each other, with distinct differences. Until the bulk of everyone merges into me, we practice functional multiplicity.

It’s not scary. DID is a covert disorder. Not only do people around a DID system seldom recognize a person has DID, the alters themselves remain unaware unless they’re made away. Dissociative identity disorder is a coping mechanism meant to protect the body from certain childhood trauma.

Everything you’ve read in books or seen on TV is a lie.

About iJaneLively

This blog has had several previous names, most notably 6birds and Janepedia. Presently, I’m using my preferred name as the domain, which means I can call it anything — but most of all, I want it to be most representative of who I am, and I love me and the name I’ve chosen for myself.

iJaneLively references early 2000s internet culture. It’s me, online, hence the i to distinguish the difference. As much as we wish it weren’t true, we’re all a little braver online. I’ve a rep for being a badass risk taker who knows her shit — offline, I’m to overexert myself so people will look beyond the baby face and take me seriously. I articulate far better here than I ever do verbally.

Instead of selling you a carefully-curated lifestyle, I’m living mine and inviting you along for the journey.

Topics include whatever, but I’m aware of how my controversial posts affect people on the internet. I’m not afraid to offend anyone because I decided to share my thoughts. My blog is not a fluffy space, filled solely with safe space pieces. Although the Darling System attempts to remember to preface trigger warnings, they are considered as afterthoughts.

Behind the blog

First and foremost, my blog is 300% green (affiliate link). 🌱

J and L crossed to make X

This design marks the fourth time my good friend, Georgie, has designed my blog. For the fancy handwritten font, I’ve a commercial license (affiliate link).

Canva is how I create my graphics, including my logo. Non-credited image sources include Pexels, Sexual Alpha and She Bold Stock.

Plugins that help my blog function include Classic Editor, Site Kit by Google, ManageWP and Ultimate Book Blogger (affiliate link).