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The only way you’ll ever progress is if you stop trying to adhere to everyone else’s standards and be yourself. There is no other person who has everything that makes up you — your passion, your personality, your professional skills, your guilty pleasures.

“The things that don’t “fit in” that make you unique make you yourself — that is your gift to the world.” ~Sharon Stone

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So you have dissociative identity disorder??

Yes, and:

  • The system’s name is the Darling System.
  • Integration is our endgame. We hate living as a multiplicity, but for now we practice functional multiplicity. At present, Jane is the intended final host/alter, with Izzy as the nickname.
  • The body is employed in a position that allows for self-expression in the name of covertness, which inadvertently allows us to be ourselves.
  • System’s pronouns are they/them. Collectively, we are Jane Lively. Refer to Jane Lively individually as Jane, pronouns she/her.
  • System total is 15 14. Used to be more.
  • The littles are not allowed online.
  • It’s okay to ask to speak to a specific person, but it’s not okay to expect your request to be granted.
  • It’s okay to ask who’s fronting right now, but it’s not okay to feel entitled to an answer or use it against us maliciously later just because you’re mad.
  • It’s okay to ask for alter-specific content and/or for an alter to write about a specific topic. (Contact us.)
  • The headspace looks more like Inside Out instead of a house, castle or neighborhood.
  • If, in person, you witness long-term dissociation, make sure the environment around us is safe or get us out of harm’s way.
  • DID definitely affects dating. System does not inter-date.

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