Frequently asked questions

I don’t want to date your girlfriend. It’s not cool of you to ask that, no matter how shy she is?? Like?? That’s not a flex?? Stop??

If you have to preface that you know it’s an odd request and hope I don’t feel uncomfortable, DON’T ASK IT. It’s EXTREMELY CREEPY when men ask me to date their girlfriends.

I don’t currently allow guest posters, due to the personal nature of the blog.

Yes, and:

  • The system’s name was the Darling System. We renamed to the Lively System. This may change again.
  • Integration is our endgame. We hate living as a multiplicity, but for now we practice functional multiplicity. At present, Jane is the intended final host/alter, with Izzy as the nickname.
  • System’s pronouns are they/them. Collectively, we are Jane/Izzy Lively.
  • System total is 15 14 15. Used to be more. Moving was stressful.
  • The littles are not allowed online.
  • It’s okay to ask to speak to a specific person, but it’s not okay to expect your request to be granted.
  • It’s okay to ask who’s fronting right now, but it’s not okay to feel entitled to an answer or use it against us maliciously later just because you’re mad.
  • It’s okay to ask for alter-specific content and/or for an alter to write about a specific topic. (Contact us.)
  • The headspace looks more like Inside Out instead of a house, castle or neighborhood.
  • If, in person, you witness long-term dissociation, make sure the environment around us is safe or get us out of harm’s way.
  • DID definitely affects dating. System does not inter-date.

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